Ordering Prescription Products

In accordance with Australian regulations, Pharmacy can only dispense prescription medicine on receipt of the original prescription written by an Australian registered medical practitioner. There are no exceptions to this, we are bound by Australian Law.

All prescriptions must be mailed in to us before we can dispense your medication.

Due to our professional obligations and interests in providing you with the best possible health outcomes, you may provide us with some medical history about yourself. This will ensure there is lessened risk of any potential drug interaction or adverse reaction to your medication.

Australia's health system provides that individuals may pay different prices for their prescriptions. This will be dependent on their entitlements. Each prescription listed on our site may display up to 4 different prices. The price you will pay will depend on your entitlements. The different price categories are: Private, PBS, Concession and Safety Net.

1. Private

Prescriptions not subsidised under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) will only be available at the Private price. Additionally, patients without a medicare card or who are not eligible under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreements will be required to pay the Private price. Receipts are always issued to enable you to claim a rebate through your Private Health Fund (if applicable).

2. PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme)

These prices are set by the Government and cannot be discounted. They are only available to customers with a current Medicare card or if you qualify under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement. Prescription Record Form stickers will be supplied which will count towards your Safety Net entitlement. Some items, which are subsidised under the PBS to treat special conditions require an Authority prescription (these items are denoted by *Auth). If you do not qualify for an Authority prescription your doctor may still write a Private script, in which case you will have to pay the Private price.

3. Concession (Available for Pensioner, Health Care, Veterans' Affairs and Safety Net concession card holders).

These card holders will pay $5.90 for most prescriptions. There may be government surcharges applied to certain original brand products, however we can substitute a generic equivalent if you wish and you will pay $5.90. Advise us on your order form if you would like generic substitutes. Please provide a photocopy of your entitlement card and medicare card when you send in your prescription.

4. Safety Net

If you are a Concession card holder and your spending on PBS medication has reached a certain level (see Safety Net Information) during a calendar year, you will be eligible for a Safety Net card. When qualified you will not pay for PBS prescriptions for the rest of the year (unless you require an original brand attracting a surcharge).

Repeats can be left with us

Please indicate when ordering if you would like us to hold your repeat prescriptions. This will save you time in future, as you will only need to call or email us when you require your repeat to be filled. By holding all your scripts with us we can keep your Safety Net entitlement up to date so you will never pay more than you need to.

Refrigerated Items - 'Ref'

Items marked with *Ref need refrigeration and cannot be sent by mail. They are available for personal shoppers only.

Government Authority Prescription Required - 'Auth'

Items marked with *Auth require a government authority prescription. If you are not entitled to a government authority you will pay the private price.

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