eScripts & New Prescriptions

eScripts and Prescriptions

It's more convenient than ever before to order your prescriptions. Use the form below to send through your eScript token or photo of your prescription, and our team will dispense your prescription and then be in contact to discuss payment and collection/postage details.

Please note, that your safety is our number one priority and a consultation may be required to confirm the suitability of your medication to your condition. We will let you know if we need any further details.

Enter your eScript token(s) here. You can use the 'Copy Token' option beneath your QR code to quickly copy and paste the token here. Please note a script token may only ever be used once. If you are including more than one token please separate each token with a comma ' , '
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Please note that you will be required to bring your original prescription into the pharmacy when collecting your medication. Images must be: - Under 8MB in size - Either JPG, PNG, or GIF formats
If selected one of our team will be in contact prior to dispensing your prescription to discuss, normally within 24 hours.
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